Job Description:
Patrols and inspects property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity.  Protects company investments, enforces laws on the property, and deters criminal activity and other problems.  Utilizes radio and telephone communications to call for assistance from police, fire or emergency medical services as the situation dictates.  Writes comprehensive reports outlining observations and activities during assigned shift.  May also interview witnesses or victims, prepare case reports, and testify in court.

Prior experience in the military police, law enforcement, private armed security and/or AA degree in law enforcement preferred.  Candidates must satisfy all company and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) security requirements.  Must be at least 21 years of age.  High school diploma or equivalent required.  No record of felony convictions.  General good health with ability to perform physical exertion and withstand exposure to inclement weather.  Vision correctable to 20/20 (Snellen) and able to distinguish between red, yellow, and green.  Hearing loss not to exceed 30 db.  Must be a US citizen.  Willingness to work rotating shifts.  Required to pass an extensive background investigation, drug screening, and preemployment physical. 

Work Schedule:
12 Hour Shifts Days or Nights by seniority
Starting Wage: