Clipboards for Our Stewards

posted Jun 22, 2011, 1:47 PM by Recording Secretary
Since our Local Union is very active and keep our Member's up on everything or at least try, we have purchased this new clipboard for the Stewards who go around and poll the Member's for topics to approve/reject.  This will make it easier when archiving electronically as well.  Before the Steward used flimsy old envelopes.  Each crew Steward will have one providing a professional appearance when representing our Local.
  • Made from rugged, lightweight polypropylene that provides a solid, smooth writing surface
  • Great for anyone who needs a compact, portable storage box and work surface all in one unit
  • Features a reversible internal clip that holds documents, writing instruments and business cards
  • Low-profile, nickel-plated steel spring clip has rubber corner grips that hold your work securely and minimizes bulk
  • 1" storage capacity holds up to 100 sheets of paper
  • Snap closure keeps your materials secure and safe from weather